dagmar weiss


One day when he came home from a walk, the thinker found an unfamiliar thought in his head. It was a thought that had such a strange, wound up form, that he didn't know how to get it straight out through his mouth. It was quite spacious and didn't seem to fit so easily. The thought was not a bad one; it had a balanced, calm color like a dark, greyish green maybe. Its matter was firm, but not too hard or edgy; its complex structure seemed to be based on a hidden system. It was neither too irregular nor too repetitive to have a certain beauty to it. But still, since the thought was so large, the thinker needed to get it out. He had an urge to put it on the table to see it in light of day. And in case it proved to be as appealing as it promised, he desired to show it to his friends and colleagues.
Besides, it had started to become a bit too occupying and consumed too much space in his head. All of his other thoughts were already a bit deranged, squinted into the corners or pressed against the inner skullcap.
Luckily the thought wasn't a solid block but rather a knot made from a long string, a net of arguments and ideas. Disentangling it proved to be a difficult task.
The thinker tried words over words, but at most managed to get about one-fifth of the whole out, before once again a bulky part got wedged, and the whole thing had to be swallowed again.
It would have of course been an option to bite off those pieces that were already out, and afterwards only have to deal with the diminished remainder. But he didn't even take this kind of cruelty into consideration. After all he was a thinker,- how could he violently decrease this spawn of his own mind, especially such a wondrous one?
After a countless number of tries it happened that the thinker finally came as far as speaking more than half of it out, when the rest of it tangled so badly that it got stuck and clogged his throat. The thinker started to gasp for air. Out of panic and the lack of oxygen, he tried to swallow it back in quickly, but choked on it and suffocated miserably.